Did you know that some simple make up tricks can take 10 years off your face?   Yes!  It is much easier and definitely more painless than visiting a Doctor or buying expensive creams.  Here are 10 makeup tricks to help you look 10 years younger:



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

Wrinkles around the eyes are a problem area for many. Try thickening your eyebrows and eyelashes. This will draw attention away from your wrinkles.  It can be hard to find an eyebrow pencil that looks natural but a couple of my favourites are Kevyn Aucoin and Anastasia Brow Wiz.  They are both Ash toned so there are no orange/red brows for me!


10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

Skip the costly creams. In addition to rarely being anything more than a moisturizer, they can occasionally even make wrinkles look deeper. Stick with natural oils – such as Rosehip or Vitamin E – they really work.



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to looking younger. That said, if you’re going to use foundation, try a light shade. Brightening up the face lets the years melt away.  A hydrating or illuminating foundation that is not too heavy is ideal.   I personally love Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua.



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

I love the matte lipstick look but let’s face it when you start getting lines around your mouth or your lips aren’t quite as plump as they once were, it can look really bad.   Nothing’s worse than an older lady with cracked, messy lipstick. Glossy lipstick or a simple lip gloss helps to offset the natural wrinkling of the lips. Avoid darker shades as well.



eyebrow shape

I was just talking to a friend recently comparing the changes in our makeup styles from 10 years ago.   Alot of the looks we were loving back then simply don’t work anymore.   In fact it can be aging if you are in a makeup rut! Far to many women compensate for their advancing age by adding layer after layer of colour and makeup. Keep it simple and keep it bright. The difference is huge!



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

Strategically focus on certain areas to brighten. The cheekbones, chin, and bridge of the nose will help to brighten the overall complexion. This helps give the illusion of a youthful glow.



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

As people age the natural line of their lips begins to fade. This can cause problems with lipstick application. In order to prevent smears, apply a line with a pencil.  The pencil helps define the outline of your lips clearly (and you can overdraw to create the illusion of fullness – just not too much), and it also is a great base for your lip gloss.



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

Another major factor in aging is eyes naturally crinkling shut. Combat this by curling your lashes up. It will brighten both your eyes and your face.  If you haven’t used a eyelash curler before it is definitely worth giving it a try – it does make a difference.



10 makeup tips to look 10 years younger

Many types of eyeshadow can actually highlight wrinkles around the eyes. If you’re going to apply a heavy amount, make sure it’s a type that will hide your wrinkles, not accentuate them. The difference is significant!   I would suggest staying away from glittery, shiny eyeshadows and stick with the matte types.   They are more forgiving and create a more natural look.