A full luscious looking pout is something everyone aspires to achieve, but unfortunately some of us weren’t born with a fantastically full mouth.   As we age our lips start to get even thinner because we lose the collagen around our mouths and slowly but surely we get a little ‘sunken’ looking in the lower half of our face.    Don’t start panicking just yet because there are many ways to remedy this problem, and I will be doing a whole blog post on fillers and botox another time, but today I am going to show you how you can very quickly – and without spending a lot of money – increase the size of your lips and make them look fuller. lips1

1.  Create a neutral base by covering your lips in concealer.   I have used Benefit Lip Plump which is designed to remove your natural skin tone and create a matte base for your lipstick so it lasts longer.   I have a lot of natural pigment in my lips so I find this product quite good because it has good coverage.   When you make your own lips disappear it allows you to recreate another lip line which can be slightly outside your natural one.


lips22.   Now you get the chance to recreate your lips a little fuller.   Don’t get too carried away and go too far outside the lines because that does start to look obvious and wrong, but you can go just outside our natural lip line and even up any differences in your upper and lower lips.   I have picked a fairly natural lip line colour


lips33.  Try to match your lipstick as closely as possible to your lip liner.  Once you have applied your lipstick you can do some contouring.  I have used a slightly darker coloured lip pencil just under my bottom lip to create a “shadow” effect, and then I have put a little highlighter across the top of my “cupids bow”.    When contouring, darker colours makes things recede – so by placing the darker colour under my bottom lip it creates the illusion that my lip is SO full it has cast a shadow(!!) and then lighter colours bring things forward – so the highlighter above the top lip makes it stand out more.


4.   The final part of the illusion is to dab a little gloss onto the centre of your bottom lip.   I don’t think my photo has captured the gloss well but it does draw the eye to the centre of your mouth and makes it more noticeable.


So these are my four easy steps to creating a painless fuller pout.  You can use these principals with any colour combination, but remember darker colours can make your lips appear smaller so I would recommend staying with the lighter, neutral colours.   Let me know how you go and feel free to post a pic!