Leather Jacket Styling

You’ll never get tired of this must-have with these easy tricks

Once a sign of rebellion or an indicator that you had a Harley-Davidson in the garage, leather jackets have become a cold-weather staple. But don’t be fooled into thinking this style limits you to jeans, boots and a tee. Check out the street-style snaps below and be inspired to try these five refreshing ways to wear it—no motorcycle needed…


Add a dose of pink

1 Add a pretty dose of pink
To soften up the jacket’s tough side.


Drape it

2 Drape it over your shoulders
Do the “editor drape” to achieve a laidback look.


Score street cred

3 Score street cred
By layering it over a hoodie


Toughen up everningwear

4 Toughen up your eveningwear
A leather jacket for a fancy affair? Yes! Throw it on over a ground-gazing gown.


Let your sleeves stand out

5 Let your sleeves stand out
Leave your sleeves unzipped and uncuffed and wear over a flared-sleeve top.


However you wear it a good leather jacket is an investment piece everyone should have in their wardrobe.  Need help choosing yours?  Call the Fashionista Sistas!



article inspired by Elle Magazine