This week I am focusing on the rectangle body shape. I personally love styling this body shape because you are easy to work with and most styles look great. Some famous rectangles are Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Is this you:

  •  Your bust and hips are approximately the same size
  •  You have no waist definition
  • You have great legs and arms
  • Your bust tends to be smaller

Some of us will morph into a rectangle when we hit menopause – we refer to this as the “thickening”. Hey if it happens to you, don’t fear, there are lots of ways to recreate the shape you may have lost.  A rectangle’s main style aim is to create a waist.  Breaking up your silhouette to create curves is pretty easy using color, patterns and stripes, belts, waist length jackets and layering.

1.  Skirts – lucky for you any style is going to work for you.  Just keep in mind the length depending on your height.  For a corporate look try to find one that has detailing at the waist, like a peplum to create curves.

Rectangle Body Shape

2.  Pants – you have great legs and your body shape usually looks amazing in jeans, straight or skinny leg pants. Work it baby….


3.  Jackets and Coats – this season’s coats are all belted and many of the blazers and cardigans are too.? This is a perfect style for you.  Otherwise try a cropped coat or cape for some flair.

Rectangle Body Shape

 4.  Dresses – look for something with ruching around the waist area as it helps to create the illusion of definition.? Some of the knit dresses do this really well.? Anything that has a panel of either color or some detailing in the waist area is perfect.

Rectangle Body Shape

5.  Accessories – you cannot have enough belts in your wardrobe. Scarves or necklaces that finish at the waist will also help draw the eye to your waist line and create the definition you need.

 This winter there is so much to choose from for the rectangle body shape. When planning photos for this post I found so many I couldn’t use them all so it should be easy finding the basic pieces you need to create a great A/W15 capsule wardrobe.