Today I am focusing on the hourglass body shape.  A particular favorite of mine as I just happen to be one.   The most evenly proportioned body shape, the hourglass is the most envied.

  • Are your bust and hips nearly the same size?
  • Do you have a defined waist?
  • Are you curvy?
  • You may have a full bust?
  • You may have shapely legs?

Hourglass Body Shape Style

Unfortunately we see a lot of women who are not confident enough to rock their hourglass shape and they hide their great proportions under loose or ill-fitting clothes.  That has to stop NOW!

As with all body shapes, you need to start off with a base wardrobe comprised of great key pieces then just add some new season color and styles to keep it current.  Your goal is to have a practical yet inspiring wardrobe that makes your feel beautiful every day.


To help you get started I have listed below 5 key pieces every hourglass should have in their wardrobe this Winter:

  1.  Figure hugging pencil skirt.  (Preferably with stretch)
  2. Tailored fitted jacket/blazer. (No boxy blazers please)
  3. Classic white shirt.  A v-neckline is very flattering for you.  If wearing a man style shirt, un-button it a little. (Embrace your cleavage but make sure you are supported by a well-fitting bra so the girls look as good as they can!)
  4. Straight leg black pants or jeans (Heels are essential to create a longer leg)
  5. Sexy dress to show off your curves. (Don’t forget to think about your underwear and support garments to ensure a smooth line.  No one wants to see lumps or bumps or a VPL.)

Hourglass Body Shape Style

Having these key pieces will enable you to create many different looks for work and weekends.  The emphasis is of course having the garments fitted to enable them to highlight your shape.

Don’t overlook the importance of quality fabric.  When buying figure hugging skirts and dresses you need ensure the fabric is comfortable but will hold everything in place.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.