All the pears in the fruit bowl of life please put your hands up!  It’s your turn this week for some big love.

Not that long ago many pears used to feel that their generous rounder hips, thighs and bottom were a curse but not now, we are in the era of the booty.  If you have one, you are the ’IT’  girl.   People are paying a lot of money to get butt implants and YOURS are real.  You gotta love that!!!

Clothing Styles for a Pear Body Shape

  • Are your hips, thighs and butt curvy and larger in proportion to the rest of your body?
  • Do you have a defined waist
  • Do you have narrower shoulders
  • You may have a small to medium bustClothing Styles for Pear Body Shapes

Winter 2015 offers some great options for your wardrobe.  I have listed 5 essential styles that you should invest in.  Having these key pieces as your base will make getting dressed in the mornings a breeze and you will feel and look so stylish.

Style suggestions for a Pear Body Shape

  1. You choose what style skirt you want.  ‘A’ line works wonderfully at hiding your thighs and bottom and highlighting your tiny waist or if you want to embrace your curves, you can wear a pencil skirt…. think Kim Kardashian
  2. Go for darker colored pants or jeans with a boot cut or wider leg
  3. You can’t go past a mock wrap dress – it is a classic
  4. Your aim is to bring the eye to the top half of your body so anything that draws attention to that area is a bonus. Try a boat neck knit, horizontal stripes or patterns, a great necklace or scarf
  5. Coats and jackets – short jackets highlight your waist or go for something longer than your hipline.  Never have a top or jacket ending at your widest part

Pear Body Shape3

Remember to love what you have and make the most of your gorgeous curvy shape.

Be confident and own it.