I am about to embark on a small renovation to my home.   We are adding on a butler’s pantry to the kitchen.   A “butler’s pantry,” I hear you exclaim “what is it, and why do you need it?” Well I am glad you asked! I had this discussion with my husband when I was trying to convince him of just how necessary this addition to our house was.

A butler’s pantry is basically a kitchen within a kitchen.   It is separate area for you to do food preparation and clean up after means without actually dirtying your ‘real’ kitchen – the kitchen that people see!   Still not making sense?   Well anyone who currently has a butler’s pantry will back me up here (feel free to add a comment). When you have teenage children who are constantly making a mess in the kitchen – cup of tea here, piece of toast there, just general crumbs and mess on the bench all the time – you will understand how it helps keep you sane if the mess is hidden away.

At the moment there is a small deck of the side of our kitchen which doesn’t get used so we are closing that in and adding heaps of shelves, powerpoints and a sink.   I am not good with change so this is a big deal for me….. and I am taking you on the journey with me.   The build will start any day now so have added some pics of what is currently there and I will keep you updated! I need to pick sinks, taps, lights – the fun stuff!