Chanell CC Cream Review

As we are approaching Spring it is always a good time to reassess your make up. I have Winter and Spring/Summer foundations in my make up kit because I find that different seasons call for different coverage.

My skin can get a little dehydrated in Winter due to the overheating of shops, offices and our homes. I also tend to have my showers way past the recommended temperature which doesn’t help my poor skin either. My skin can sometimes get a bit dull and blotchy so I usually use a slightly heavier foundation during the cooler months to fake a flawless finish with a healthy glow. Seriously, what would we do without make-up J

As soon as the weather starts to warm up a bit I get myself back outdoors and my skin really cheers up.  This is when I find that I don’t need much coverage at all.  Recently I read about the new Chanel CC cream and it sounded great so I thought I would give it a try.Chanel CC Cream Review

For those who are unaware, a CC cream evens out skin tone and helps correct any redness or pigmentation. It isn’t a foundation but the thing that attracted me to the Chanel CC Cream was it actually has a really good coverage. It is more like a cross between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, which is perfect for me.  A couple of added bonuses to this product is that it comes with a massive dose of sunscreen so perfect for Spring/Summer. The SPF is actually 50 which is great.

It contains a peach complex which is unique to Chanel. This helps stimulate the skins defence barrier and also has hyaluronic acid which helps to moisturise the skin and give it a plumped, hydrated appearance.?I’m not seeing any negatives in that at all.


Chanel CC Cream Review

It goes on quite thick and has a creamy texture but blends out to a medium cover that makes the skin look radiant and fresh.  I have worn it every day on my holiday and even with some very hot, humid weather it hasn’t slipped off.  I am really  happy with it.

There are four shades. I chose No.30 so I could probably get away with wearing it all year round, I will just use a little more bronzer to warm it up a bit during Summer.   When I was purchasing it the lovely lady at the Chanel counter also mentioned that it was great to wear as a primer underneath your usual foundation.

BOOM… now it is two products in one. I’m loving that!

It isn’t the cheapest CC cream you will get but I think, for me, it has been worth the investment.  As with all foundations and CC Creams, I definitely try before I commit so I would recommend you go past a Chanel counter and get them to try some on you and wear it for the day to see what you think. Sometimes I even go back twice just to make sure.