Fashionista Sistas Personal Brand

Well you should!   That people, is your Personal Brand – and if you are not creating your own brand then others will do it for you.   Everyone needs to be aware of their Personal Brand because if managed and controlled it can be a powerful business building tool.

You need to recognise what you stand for and how you want to be seen in the world. What is it that makes you unique and authentic?   No two people are alike and by owning and being proud of the differences that make you special you can use that knowledge to take your business and your life to a whole new level.   People often believe that they cannot embark on a new career path or build a business because everything has been done before – but this is SO wrong – because it hasn’t been done by YOU in your unique style.

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions to help you discover your Personal Brand:

  1. What are makes me unique?
  2. What are my values?
  3. What am I passionate about?
  4. How do I want others to describe me?
  5. What am I exceptionally good at?

When you have identified your Personal Brand you will be able to leverage your strengths to stand out and differentiate yourself.  We all tend to fall into the trap of focusing on our weaknesses and trying to fix them, however if we invested more time and money into building and promoting what we are naturally good at, success will be so much easier to achieve and maintain.



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