Most people probably don’t know that I have an auto immune disease called Hashimotos – which is not life threatening  – but it does mean that my immune system has to work harder to protect me, and often it fails!    I am known for constantly having a runny nose or sniffle, and winter is a particularly bad time for me because I usually get a nasty cold early in Winter which basically hangs around in varying degrees for the rest of the season.

This year I have already been struck with my “Winter cold” so bleary eyed and snotty nosed I made my way to the chemist to check out the vitamin range.  A lovely man named “George” popped up beside me to ask if I need assistance (he did work there!!!) took one look and said, “Oh no, what you need isn’t on the general public shelves…. The good stuff is out the back…”.   A little nervous, but very intrigued, I followed George over to his secret stash.    He showed me a powdered form of Vitamin C that you mix with water and it becomes a frothy effervescent orange drink.  According to George people used to pay $1,000 a shot for this potent stuff at the Doctors!     He told me to take 2 doses when I have a cold, and otherwise 1 teaspoon a day for the whole of winter which should boost my immunity and keep those nasty bugs at bay.   He did also mention the other benefits of Vitamin C which I couldn’t ignore – which is the anti-aging benefits and brighter, healthier skin (he had me at “anti-ageing”!!)     So here I am two weeks later – cold free and feeling great.

I know you are all dying to know what the product is and how ridiculously expensive it is – but that is where the story gets even better.   vitamincThe product is called BETA A-C Powder and is produced by Eagle Natural Health (an Australian company).   It cost me around $30.00 – which I think is a bargain considering you only have one teaspoon a day – so it should last the whole of Winter.

Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions about this if you want to.  I am happy to share!

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