Liss Jumpsuit2

I have always had a thing for jumpsuits… I can’t explain it but I just love them.   This season I am delighted to see they are back and it looks like they are here to stay.   I couldn’t be more excited.

I know jumpsuits tend to bring back some scary fashion memories from the 70’s but we have moved on from that. Their popularity has grown so much so that they are muscling in on the ‘wardrobe staple’ territory.  All of a sudden it’s an acceptable eveningwear option, respectable attire for a wedding or the races and is a strong competition for the LBD.

There are a number of styles available from casual chic to super glam and I know there will be more than one finding its way into my wardrobe over the coming months.

Last weekend I picked up this Thurley jumpsuit, on sale I might add, does it get any better???? It is going straight into my suitcase and heading over to Las Vegas with me for my overseas summer holiday next week.

Once you have worked out the style that suits you I am sure you will love the jumpsuit just as much as I do.

Jumpsuit Style Edit

 Lissa Jumpsuit9a


Lissa jumpsuit3

 Thurley Jumpsuit