false lashes

False lashes can be damn near impossible to apply but they are definitely worth the effort.   Whether you opt for a full strip or just a few individually placed ones, they do instantly inject some more glamour into your look.

It does take some practice to get the application right, heaven forbid no one wants a misplaced lash half way through the evening – but if done properly they make you look more wide-awake, they give the skin around your eyes an instant lift and they can make your eyes look bigger.   false lashes

I am giggling as a recall a false eyelash mishap my older sister Hellie had many years ago.   She had applied the lashes before going to meet her bank manager (long story!), and she thought fluttering her beautiful long lashes was working a treat because he seemed mesmerized by her…. until she got home and realised that one of her lash strips had come off and was stuck to her fringe!!   That is a hilarious example of what not to do.

False Lashes

I personally use the strip lashes, but cut them in half so instead of going the full length (too much glam for me), I just put them at the very outer edge of my eye which elongates them and creates a more open look.     I have also dabbled in the individual lashes but these are quite tricky to use and do need a steady hand.   I would also recommend buying some good lash glue.  Often the one that comes with the lashes isn’t good enough.  I got one that is black years ago which is great because some of the glues dry white and then you can potentially have a visible white blob on your lashes.

Here are my tips for applying false eyelashes:


Get yourself a good eyelash curler – don’t buy cheap.   I have another story from Hellie about cutting all her eyelashes off with a cheap eyelash curler.. but I won’t go into that now!!   Anyway curling your lashes is another easy way of opening up your eyes and making them look bigger, but it is also a great start to applying your lashes.


Apply a couple of coats of your favourite mascara to separate and lengthen your lashes.  Try to make sure they are not too thick and clumpy.


I smear a thin layer of glue along the edge of the lashes – whether individual or strip – and then wait a few seconds for the glue to go “tacky”.    Then I place them against my lash line exactly where I want them to sit.   I usually hold them there for a couple of seconds to let the glue set a little.   Most makeup artists use tweezers to pick up the lashes and hold them in place but because of my lack of co-ordination I usually just use my fingers!

False Lashes


Once you have the lashes on and in the right position (both eyes need to line up!), I then usually apply some liquid liner over the top to blend the lashes in with my makeup.   Sometimes I will re-apply a final coat of mascara to make sure those lashes are not going anywhere during the evening!

I would suggest giving the false lashes a go because you will be surprised at how much difference they can make to your face.