Sunglasses for different face shapes

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Sunglasses are one of those accessories that can make you feel like a movie star, transform an outfit and also do wonders for your confidence – if they suit you. These days it is also necessary for you to wear them in Summer and Winter to protect your eyes from the harsh Australian UV rays which means you definitely need more than one pair (to suit your different seasonal looks)!

If you don’t feel confident that your current sunglasses suit you, or have always struggled to find a pair to flatter you, the chances are you’ve been trying on the wrong type for your face shape the whole time. Having just returned from Bali (had to mention it!), I have been wearing sunglasses constantly for the last 10 days (it was really hot and sunny – had to mention it again…) and yes I may have tried on a few pairs while I was shopping, which made me think about how easy it is to wear the wrong type if you are not aware of your face shape. I have put together some tips to make the sunglass decision an easier one:


Sunglasses for Square Shape Face

About the same length and width across the face you feature a prominent forehead and a strong jawline. People in this category should choose a curvier frame to help round out the sharpness of their features. Try shapes like round, oval, cat eye or semi-rimless shaped glasses.

Avoid: Anything with a sharp edged frame.


Sunglasses for an oval face

Oval faces have gently rounded, fairly even features, and pretty much any shape is going to work well on them. Designer to sport, fashion to function, everything works. Just don’t get huge frames that block out those pretty symmetrical features; choose sunglasses that cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.

Avoid: Boring styles. Oval faces can get away with shapes others can’t, so let loose!


Sunglasses for Round Face Shape

Round faces generally have a width and height that are equivalent and are characterised by soft, contoured, feminine features. Something angular like wayfarer or rectangle frames will give angles to your face, and will give your face a longer, thinner look.

Avoid: John Lennon-esque circular frames, or rounded edges.


sunglasses for a heart shaped face

Heart-shaped faces typically have a broader brow and a narrow chin. To elongate your look and even out proportions try light-coloured frames or frames that have wide lower edges with no straight lines along the top. Cat-eye styles or glasses that feature rounded edges are ideal for giving a more balanced look.

Avoid: Frames with heavy or embellished top bridges or winged styles

No idea what your face shape is? There are a lot of apps and websites designed to help you pick the right pair of sunnies. Sunglass Hut have an app that lets you download a photo and go through all the different styles – it’s amazing!

If you are still uncertain my “go to” favourite pair of sunglasses are Aviators – they are universally the most flattering frame shape and always look cool! (Oh in case you missed it… this is me in Bali!!)

Aviator Sunglasses