Let’s be honest – how many of you start the day in your gym gear and end up staying in it all day? I know you probably have the best of intentions – do your workout go home shower and get changed into something casual but stylish – but time gets away from you and before you know it, it’s time for school pickup and hey – what’s the point of getting changed then? Do I sound like I am speaking from experience?

Thankfully times have changed, and no longer are we stuck with unflattering lycra or saggy baggy tracky daks! There is a whole fashion industry based on the idea of us looking stylish, fit and healthy in gym gear and it has become ok to wear it doing the grocery shopping or meeting a friend for a coffee. Lissa and I are all about “building self-esteem through style” and we have definitely noticed that when you look good you feel motivated and confident, even when you are sweating like pig!

So do not neglect your body shape when shopping for your gym wear. This will enable you to stay confident and not feel self-conscious, which in turn will help you stay focused and workout better. This blog is focusing on leggings and pants, but I will do other posts on training tops, jackets and shoes.

Do you realise how many choices you have when searching for leggings? An example of some of the options I found include:

  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Run
  • Cardio
  • Gym
  • High Intensity
  • Dance
  • Cycling
  • Walking

Lululemon even include a category for “Stink free Gear”!

Stylish Exercise Gear

Lorna Jane has a “Post Workout” section but the lists are endless which makes it super easy for you to tailor your pants to suit the activity you are doing AND your body shape.

Stylish Gym Gear

Cycling: it is hard to look attractive in a pair of bike shorts (the padded bottom really doesn’t help anyone!) but they are a necessary evil if you are planning on doing some serious bike riding (am I right Lissa?) There is no way this can be worked to suit ANY body shape but on the positive side you will definitely get firmer legs and bums from all the cycling.

Yoga or Pilates: a pair of breathable but loose fitting pants is preferable. Of course those of you know who know of my involvement with Intimo would not be surprised to hear that I love the Modal Roll Top Pants because they are a slight bootcut leg which is flattering if your thighs are a little heavy and the fabric feels like you are wearing nothing at all. I also like the Bonds relaxed crotch trackpants.

Stylish Exercise Gear Bonds

Running: Compression or no compression… that is the question?! Compression tights are definitely a struggle to get into but the results are instant – you will look firmer and more toned with hardly any jiggle after you have put them on. Do they work however?

Aaron Hersh from running.competitor.com had this to say:

“These garments are based on a concept medicine validated long ago: that compression clothing—made with highly engineered, elastic gradient compression fabric to mold around?various parts of the body—increases blood and lymphatic flow. In sports, compression garments are meant to improve performance and expedite recovery. Although there isn’t yet a consensus among experts if compression apparel really works, research has shown that it just might do what manufacturers say it does.”

Whether the research is accurate or not, they are comfortable to wear and do help regulate your temperature. If you are a runner or considering taking up running, compression tights from Skins or 2XU do receive fantastic reviews.

      Stylish Running Pants Skins

Walking:  Walking is one of the easiest fitness activities. Almost anyone can start a walking routine and you don’t really need any gear to get started. Wicking fabrics can make walking more comfortable and layer your clothing so items can be removed as you warm up. I prefer to walk in loose tracksuit pants personally – but I am not a particularly sweaty person so pick the fabric and fit that is most comfortable for you. If your legs are really slim, leggings – either ¾ or full length are a great option, but if you have heavier legs there are many loose fit pants that are flattering and comfortable.

walkingleggings walkingleggings1walkingleggings2