I would say I am quite a seasoned traveler and have racked up many flying hours over the past seven years.  I know you would have seen photos in magazines of your celebrity idol strolling off a plane looking extremely refreshed and stylish, even after a 15+ hour flight, well that’s not me.

Long Haul Flight Beauty Tips

I think I have mastered the stylish travel outfit but when it comes to looking ‘refreshed’, that part is not quite so easy to achieve.  There have been many times when I squeezed myself into those horribly small toilets on the plane only to let out a scream of terror thinking I have walked in on some hideous creature with glowing red eyes… No, it wasn’t someone from the cast of the Walking Dead… just my reflection in the mirror.

Long Haul Flight Beuty Tips

The conditions on an airplane are not dissimilar to being stuck in the dessert, just without the sunburn.  Everything gets dehydrated and it isn’t pretty.

For every flight I have been on, I have researched and tried a different routine to avoid my skin from turning into worn leather, my lips cracking and splitting and my eyes becoming dry, sore and red.  I have now narrowed it down to a few products that have been quite successful for me.

Wearing make-up on a long flight is not practical but travelling to the airport and sitting in the Qantas Club Lounge with a bare face is not an option for me.  I would feel naked!!  I usually just apply some CC cream to even out my skin tone, a little eyeshadow and some mascara does the trick.  Once on the plane and I have settled in, I then remove it with some make up wipes and begin my hydrating routine. Long Haul Flight Beauty Tips

  1. The first, most obvious thing is drink heaps of water. You need to rehydrate constantly starting from the inside. I make sure I drink at least one litre of water every two hours. Of course I am asleep for some of the flight but keep up my water intake while I am awake.
  2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise…  I have tried many types of moisturisers and masks during my long flights but found one basic oil works the best.   I use Sukin Facial Treatment oil.  It is a non-greasy facial oil that works a treat.  It combines argan oil, white rosehip, jojoba and maracuja oils that brighten your complexion and give you softer skin.  I am a huge fan of rosehip oil and use it daily.  On a flight I would reapply every few hours.Long Haul Flight Beauty Tips
  3. Eye cream is a must.  Any eye cream will do as long as you are giving that delicate eye area some special attention.? I usually just pack whatever eye cream I am using at the time.
  4. Eye drops.  I have tried many different varieties of eye drops to try to rehydrate my burning eyeballs.  I am not very skilled in the business of putting my own eye drops in.  Most of the time I miss my eyes completely and they end up rolling down my cheek, still, it has not deterred me from continuing to try.  I have also tested the mist you spray over your eyelids that is supposed to penetrate into the eye but didn’t really notice any difference.
  5. Lip cream. I can’t stand having dry lips and apply a lip cream daily to try to keep them soft and kissableJ .? There are a lot of good lip creams on the market but my favourite is the Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex.  It is a more pricey lip cream but it does work really well. The raspberry flavour is pretty sweet too.

Long Haul Flight Beauty Tips

Just before the plane lands I apply some more CC cream and some mascara and I am good to go.  I do always have a pair of sunglasses in my handbag, just in case my eye drop attempts have been unsuccessful.  I don’t want to scare anyone.

Long Haul Flight Beauty Tips

This is what I want to look like when I arrive!


If you have any tips you have found useful, please leave a comment and share.