It’s not easy to dress for Autumn. Wild swings in temperature and an intense desire to start wearing our winter layers makes daily dressing a struggle. That’s why we love it when a great, practical trend comes along and promptly erases our morning battle with our closet.

We say it often here, but we’ll say it again—in fashion, contrast is key. Creating a little tension and opposition in your outfits will keep them from being dull. In the case of this trend, adding ankle boots to a floaty dress or skirt not only keeps your feet warm in shifting temperatures, but also, grounds your look and gives extra girly pieces some tomboy edge.

Rocking this trend is fairly simple. Flat or almost flat styles such as Chelsea boots look best when worn with flowing mini dresses or shirt dresses. Boots with a 1?-2? heel can be worn with styles that fall above or at the knee. If you’re wearing a midi dress, be sure to pair it with heeled booties. For a ‘70?s-inspired feel, pair mid-calf booties with your midi silhouettes.


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