Market ShoppingIt was one of those rare Sunday mornings where we didn’t have to be anywhere in particular, and although it was freezing cold it was also clear and fine.

Leane FlynnThe perfect morning to stroll around a market! The Camberwell Market in Melbourne is nearly an institution in itself – run by the Rotary Club it has launched many a designer’s career and is a perfect place for browsing and people watching.

I love the atmosphere of a market and eclectic mix of people who come along to buy and sell. The hot jam doughnuts and hot dogs for sale, the buskers and musicians and lots of people with dogs! The vibe is fun and relaxing. Justin (my husband) who is a bit of a “market snob” is always astounded at some of the stuff people come along to sell. He has referred to it as “hard rubbish day – except we pay to take it away for them…” but I do love looking at some of the vintage homewares and second hand items that are displayed.

Today I saw someone’s really old wedding and family photos, which made me sad to think that no one in the family had ever wanted to keep the photos to remember their family history. I think everything is an old treasure looking for a new home.

Fresh Flowers

Every time we go to the market I always buy fresh flowers and handmade soaps. They are usually quite reasonably priced, but more importantly I feel they are simple purchases yet they manage to make me feel very spoilt and luxurious.

Fresh Flowers in the house                                       Fresh Flowers in the home

Nothing is better than being able to put fresh flowers throughout the house – particularly in the middle of winter.

I also love how special you feel when using gorgeous and fragrant handmade soaps.  I try to have an unusual soap in my guest bathroom and in the kitchen because these are the small things that make everyone feel a little more special and loved.

          Market Shopping         Handmade soap