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Crazy as it seems, while we shiver it out during our coldest Winter in history, the beginning of early Spring collections are starting to appear in stores.    It is official, the ‘off the shoulder’ or as Leane refers to it the ‘cold shoulder’ will be trending this Spring / Summer.

You can expect to see tops, dresses and jumpsuits all sporting the shoulder baring feature.   Already in stores you can find floaty soft boho styles and a sprinkling of tailored sexy styles (my name is all over those).  There will be a lot more to come.

Off the Shoulder Style Edit

The argument Leane raises is that – if it is cold enough to wear a thick fluffy jumper why would you want your shoulders showing? She is a particularly cold person, so for her it is all about layers and keeping everything covered. They look gorgeous, but are they practical?

  Off the Shoulder Knit

Off the Shoulder Jumper

Of course I am all about not being practical and ALL about looking good! So this is not an issue for me. Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley had a gorgeous post recently on a Country Road off the shoulder jumper with knitted skirt. This had me instantly needing an off the shoulder jumper.

I am a fan, what do you think?