We have all experienced the same problem “a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear”!

Lissa and I have solved this problem and shared our theory on the “Wardrobe of Greatness” with many women at various conferences and events in the past.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, I am going to let you in on the challenge Lissa and I have set for ourselves, and encourage you to join!

WardrobeFirstly, how many of you are sitting there thinking about the contents of your wardrobe – dissatisfied, nothing matches, lots of stuff that is either too big or too small, lacking style and more importantly NO JOY … need I go on? You are not alone.

Even as Stylists we have been known to fall for the “spontaneous purchase”, or the “sale that was just too good to walk past”, that leaves you with a piece of clothing that simply doesn’t work with your existing wardrobe (every item in your wardrobe needs at least 2 friends!).

Imagine how you would feel each morning throwing open the doors of your wardrobe and smiling, knowing that every piece in there will make you feel amazing and can be worn with several other items in your wardrobe to create multiple stylish looks every day. Does this seem like the dream of a crazy person? NO!

Lissa and I made a vow a couple of years ago to each other to build a “Wardrobe of Greatness” that we would be proud of.  Every time we go shopping – either together or separately or online – we check that the piece of clothing meets the following:

  1. Does it make you feel beautiful?
  2. Does it fit you perfectly (or if not can it be easily altered to make it a perfect fit?)
  3. Is the cut flattering to your body shape?
  4. Is the fabric divine?
  5. Will this item have several friends in your existing wardrobe?
  6. Can you afford it? (Last question – often overlooked!)

If the item of clothing meets EVERY one of these questions (except for maybe number 6 – because there is always lay-buy!) then and only then it can become a part of your Wardrobe of Greatness.   This quest is not a short term quick fix – it is something that takes time, effort and discipline.   A lot of the items that do qualify for the Wardrobe of Greatness are expensive and this means sometimes you may only pick up one piece each season. This is a sacrifice you must be prepared to make because gradually over time as each new item of clothing finds its way into your wardrobe you will find that there are more and more reasons to smile when getting ready in the morning and you will feel fabulous every day.