Personal Brand

Every day, in everything you do – how you interact, how you speak, how you dress, what your website looks like – you are telling the world about yourself and creating a personal brand. How would you feel if you had clarity around your personal brand? If you could communicate it confidently to your audience and create a powerful and positive brand experience that attracts more clients consistently?

Personal Brand

Branding is based in authenticity, this means you cannot pretend, you genuinely need to know yourself, your values, passions, strengths, goals and what makes you unique.  Having a clear understanding of these core elements is the road map to your success.

For most of us, getting that crystal clear picture in our minds of who we truly are and what we want is not as simple as it appears. This assignment requires a lot of introspection and also external feedback, which is not always easily accessible.

The Personal Brand Audit that we offer to our clients also includes an additional 360Reach personal brand survey to make it even more comprehensive and value for money.

360 Reach Personal Brand Audit

360Reach is the world’s first and leading personal brand survey. It was designed by Personal Branding Guru William Arruda for Reach – the global leader in personal branding.  Lissa and I have been certified by Reach to analyse 360Reach feedback and coach clients through their results.   360Reach enables you to get the true story about how you are perceived by those around you. It gives you the insights you need so you can build your brand and expand your success.

This survey combined with the other components of the Personal Brand Audit provides information about your brand attributes (personality characteristics), skills, leadership competencies, strengths, weaknesses and team roles. You learn how your self-perceptions differ from the perceptions of those who know you. You get valuable insights into the brand called YOU!

If you would like to book a Brand Audit or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.