Facial Treatment

I was incredibly lucky to receive a “Year of Indulgence” from Your Indulgence Medi Spa  for my birthday last year. My husband prepaid for 12 pamper sessions – one a month for a year. Each month I received a “Revitalising Package” which included a ½ hour back massage (bliss) then they would proceed to cleanse, exfoliate, massage and generally work on my face until I came out glowing and hydrated! This gift was fantastic not only because it was incredibly thoughtful (thanks Justin!), but also because it forced me to organise my appointments and actually take some time out to look after ME. When was the last time you booked yourself in for a facial treatment or a pampering session?


As we get older you do notice that your skin isn’t looking as fresh as it once did, and those skin cells are just not regenerating at the rate they used to!! When I embarked on my “Year of Indulgence” it became noticeable that my skin needed the regular treatments and peels (I did usually throw in a Vitamin A Peel while I was there), and I definitely looked fresher and more even toned after.

Facial Treatment

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There are so many reasons why having regular facials is not just indulgent but a necessity:

1. Cleansing. When was the last time you massaged your face with cleanser for 5 minutes? Exactly! A salon cleanse is the best way to truly get rid of all the nasties.

2. Analyse. The therapist can analyse your skin and prescribe appropriate products to fix any potential problems.

3. Exfoliation. When the skin is well exfoliated, the top layer of dead skin comes off and the face glows. This helps boost the immune system of the skin and improves circulation which refine pores and lessen wrinkles. Exfoliation is your friend.

4. Hydration. Professional skin care products are designed for deeper penetration into the skin which means you receive greater levels of hydration. Increased hydration helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gives skin a smother and firmer texture and improves facial contours. It’s a win-win.

4. Massage.  Along with numerous skin benefits, facial massage also provides relief for stress, sinus congestion, and migraine headaches. Having a facial massage on a regular basis can lead to firmer, more radiant skin by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing, and releasing tension. Oh and it just feels great too!

5. You’ve taken time out for yourself.  Along with all of the skin benefits already mentioned, facials are incredibly relaxing and stress reducing. That in itself is a major bonus for you and your skin.


Basically by getting regular facial treatments you are taking small steps to stop the effects of aging on your skin — making it less likely that you will have to spend the big bucks on bigger, more expensive techniques down the road.

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