Think losing weight will make you happier, more confident, and kick-ass at work? Well, it doesn’t really work like that… We all hold onto the misconceived idea that weight loss will fix all the problems in our lives.  There is a fantasy that thin people are ultimately happier.

While losing weight might make you feel unstoppable at first (and possibly improve your overall health), there are a few issues that dropping pounds definitely won’t resolve.


1. Your love life
If your relationship isn’t working at your current weight, it’s not going to improve after you lose weight, in fact, it could get worse.  Sometimes losing weight can spark jealousy and anger in your partner.  They might think that once you lose weight and your appearance changes for the better, you’ll want to date someone who looks better, too.

 The best way to minimize this reaction is to be transparent about your health goals before you start losing weight. Explain exactly why you’re changing your lifestyle and try to reassure your partner’s worries.
love life
2. Your job

Apply for your dream job now, not 20 pounds from now. Some people feel that they can’t present themselves as a candidate if they don’t feel good about how they look.   Instead, make the decision to switch companies or ask for a promotion, ASAP. Putting your life on hold will only rob you of opportunities.

3. Depression or anxiety issues


self esteem and weight loss

Many people think that being depressed and being overweight go hand-in-hand and they assume that when they lose weight, they’ll automatically feel better. Not so much.   Most of the time, depression is an intermittent issue that has nothing to do with weight.    If you think you might be struggling with mood issues, visit a psychologist to come up with a plan of attack.

You have to bring the right attitude to the whole project of losing weight.  Think of it as making changes for a better you—not because you think you’ll look better after losing weight, but because you want to feel great and take better care of yourself.


The bottom line: Reaching your life goals and taking care of yourself don’t have to wait for you to lose weight. All those positive changes can and should be made before you even step on the scale.


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