A change of Direction - Stripes


Not that long ago we did a trend report on bold stripes for spring.  These were thick and horizontal stripes that were sometimes a little tricky to work with.  It seems they have changed direction for high Summer and we are now seeing a multitude of vertical stripes ranging from thin lines or pinstripes to slightly thicker versions.  I personally love it.

A Change of Direction - Stripes

What is not to love about a pattern that is instantly going to lengthen and streamline your body making you look slimmer and taller?  Basically, anywhere you want to look longer and leaner, go for vertical stripes and if you want to widen or even out an area, choose a horizontal stripe.

A Change of Direction - Stripes

If you are unsure, try them out.  We suggest thin lines for a more slimming effect. I love when designers combine a mixture of widths in their stripes and they do it in bright colours.  I think it is a gorgeous bold summer look.

A Change of DIrection - Stripes

Of course you can’t go wrong with your classic black or navy and white stripes. It always looks classy and sophisticated.  Give it a go.  Once you find the right stripe for you, it will become your Summer “go to” piece.