Bec & Bridge Fundamental Cowell DressWe all have them don’t we?   You know, those parts of our body that we aren’t completely happy with.  Lissa and I have styled many ladies who tell us about their massive “saddlebags”, or their squishy “love handles” and “muffin tops”.  When we met these ladies, in most cases, we can’t see what the problem is because, as we all know, women we can be our own worst enemies, focusing on the things we don’t like about ourselves until they become HUGE.

That is the beauty of styling and fashion – there is no perceived figure flaw that is too hard to disguise or camouflage.  It may take a little extra work and planning – but it is always possible!  Lissa has in fact been a victim of her own excellent styling recently – last year she gained some weight (which nobody noticed because she dressed well to hide it), so this year when she has worked extremely hard to lose the weight – and been very proud of herself – nobody noticed because she had hidden the gain so well!    We always say it is much easier to dress 5 kilos slimmer than it is to actually lose the 5 kilos!

So, my turn to share….. one of the areas I struggle with, particularly as I am getting older, is my neck.   I have always been told how lucky I am to have a long, slim neck, but unfortunately as gravity and age are starting to take their toll I am noticing loose skin and wrinkles appearing.  This can be a difficult area to disguise.  I have embraced wearing scarves and turtlenecks for winter, but Summer is becoming a challenge.   I was quite excited to see the Fundamental Cowell Dress released by Bec & Bridge this season because it was perfect to hide my neck, yet still look a little sexy.

Bec & Bridge Fundamental Cowell Dress


Bec & Bridge

The dress solves my problem easily by having the high firm piece around the neck, but the softly draped cowell neckline allows it to be not so hot, and also a little more glamorous.

Bec & Bridge Fundamental Cowell Dress

Bec & Bridge Fundamental Cowell Dress

I am very excited to discover that I have seen a few different versions of this dress starting to trickle through, for example the Beginning Boutique:

Beginning Boutique

If you are self conscious about your neck and would like some more ideas on what to wear, please contact me.  If you would like tips or advice on how to disguise any other body issues you are worried about feel free to ask!