It has been a few weeks since I last mentioned the Butlers Pantry project and I thought it was time to give you an update.

Everything is moving along really well the frame is up and they are starting to work on the roof.    Just to remind you, the area we are converting into the Butlers Pantry was a small deck off the side of the kitchen.   It is going to be a “U” shape with cupboards and shelves down either side and a sink and dishwasher at the end.

We have been having some trouble choosing benchtops for the pantry.    Initially we were going to go with granite to match the existing kitchen benches, but then I thought it might be a good opportunity to update both kitchens with something new.   I have always loved the look of marble but we did have marble kitchen benches in our last house and they were so high maintenance I swore I would never go there again.

A compromise to our problem we thought would be the Caeserstone Calacatta Nuvo (see below).   It basically has all the hard wearing benefits of Caeserstone but with the look of marble.   We went to a showroom on the weekend to see a large slab of the Calacatta Nuvo and unfortunately once we saw it in real life we didn’t love it!    This was causing a dilemma because I had my heart set on the marble-look bench tops.


While we were at the showroom the lady showed us a new version of marble that is being released this month – Statuario Nuvo – and thankfully we both loved it.    The veining through this stone is much finer that the Calacatta and also much darker.   We are going with that one for both the kitchens.

Caeserstone Statuario Nuvo

Our final decision relates to lighting.   We are going to have the undershelf LED lighting for the workspace, but we are also going to have a pendant from the ceiling.  The ceilings are quite high so we can definitely have something hanging down.  I actually really like these pendants from Pottery Barn and think I will get the two smaller versions and hang them together for a touch of glamour!

Rustic Glass Pendant

I will share some photos of the project as it develops but if you  have any suggestions please feel free to comment.