The old saying is that you need to “fake it til you make it.”

Do you believe this is even possible in the social media world? Between online and offline connections, don’t you think that people will end up revealing the real brand you anyways?    First impressions, and how people are perceived in general, have changed so much in the past few years, that it’s harder to promote yourself as a confident person, when someone might video you or greet you in a public situation.  People want their network, or fans, to know what they are doing at all times. We get excited at comments because it shows that people care about us and what we have to say.  So fundamentally it is not possible to “fake anything” in today’s over scrutinized world.

The key part to a successful personal brand is authenticity, so Lissa and I definitely don’t encourage anyone to lie or be deceitful about who they are or what they can do.    Having said that, there are times, such as at a job interview or when meeting an important client, when you may not be feeling the highly confident, self-assured, enthusiastic professional your personal brand represents, or  there simply are times when you don’t feel, act, or project these characteristics.

So, to coin a phrase, then: If you can’t quite “make it,” i.e., project an image of self-confidence, self-assuredness and enthusiasm, then you had better learn how to “fake it”! (Once again, no, I am not talking about trying to be deceptive, dishonest or trying to be something or someone you’re not. What I am talking about here is the absolute necessity for you to learn how to project genuine interest, self-confidence and a high degree of enthusiasm when it truly counts—whether or not you feel like it, and whether or not it is the “real” you.)

For example, did you realise that at a job interview if you don’t come across in the first 60 seconds of face-to-face contact as being confident, self-assured and enthusiastic, the odds are overwhelming that you will immediately be eliminated from further consideration, at least in the hiring authority’s mind.  Did I say 60 seconds?! Yes, I did, because that’s about how long it takes the typical hiring authority to form a “yea” or “nay” opinion about any given job candidate, based upon his or her initial impression of the candidate. Believe it?

So when we say “fake it til you make it” what we are actually referring to is that you are not selling yourselves as something that you are not.  What you are selling, or leading others to believe, is that you will absolutely, without question, find the answer—even if you don’t have it right now.  That you will absolutely, without question, become the right person for the job—even if you aren’t right now.  You will absolutely, without question, “make it”—even if right now you haven’t yet.

Be authentic in who you are and own your personal brand, but do “fake it til you make it” when necessary to allow yourself the right to achieve your goals and grow into who you believe you can be.

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