Empowerment through Style

How many times have you woken up feeling strong, beautiful, and ready for the day only to find your confidence dashed when you try to find an outfit? It’s a scenario we all encounter at some point, but, we’re fighting those confidence-crushing moments with practical tips to help you empower yourself through personal style.

Read on for 5 easy ways to find empowerment through personal style.

Empowerment, for us, translates to walking into a meeting like you own the place, showing up to coffee mornings feeling proud and strong, and facing new challenges with grace and ease. All these things are impossible to do if you’re uncomfortable with the way you look or self-conscious about the outfit you put together. Tugging on a too-short skirt, fidgeting in a dress that doesn’t feel like you, or teetering around in too-high heels does not a leader make.

While having confidence in your style provides a deep sense of self-appreciation, finding empowerment through style allows you to forget about fashion altogether and start living. Without worrying about trends or outside opinion, you can command a room and forge ahead with no thought to how you look (you know you look good!)

Establishing an authentic sense of personal style and working to build a wardrobe full of essential pieces you’ll reach for again and again will empower you to put your mind to other mountains you want to climb.

Empowerment through Style


We’ve listed five ways to start your journey to empowerment through personal style:

1. Shop the 80/20 way

Pay attention, this advice will change the way you shop forever. When it comes to filling out your wardrobe, 80 percent of what you buy should be essential items and only 20 percent should be on trend. Your core wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and fit seamlessly into your day-to-day routine. If you’re a busy, professional woman, your 80 percent should be tailored blazers, chic skirts, sleek trousers, sharp shoes, and transitional blouses and sweaters that you can wear both to work and on the weekends. If you’re in the creative industry or work from home and spend your day on the run you should invest in great layering pieces, chic flats, clean, versatile jeans in classic washes, and comfortable yet stylish tops and jumpers.  So many of Fashionista Sistas clients tell us they have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear and, often, that is the result of spending the majority of your shopping budget on one-off items. It certainly can be more fun at times to splurge on cocktail dresses, trendy separates, or super discounted items but having a reliable essential wardrobe full of beautiful, quality items will save you time and stress.

2. Document major moments

Ever wake up one day, get dressed for work, and think ‘wow, I look pretty incredible’? Take a photo! We so often forget the days we felt amazing and focus on the times we feel less than. Snapping a quick outfit photo on a great day gives you some homemade inspiration to draw from on days when you feel frustrated.

3. Dress for your body and no one else’s

Think back to the last time you felt truly, unabashedly freaking great in an outfit. The time you walked into a room with swagger that could not be denied or diminished. Were you uncomfortable? Doubt it. Were you wearing a garment that hugged you in all the wrong places? Didn’t think so. We all have our body hang-ups, that’s a universal truth. You don’t always have to love the skin you’re in, but you do have to dress it well. Working with a stylist who understands how to flatter different body shapes can take the stress out of dressing your figure. Once you’ve identified your key silhouettes, putting together outfits becomes second nature and you’ll feel empowered to take on your day in a whole new way.

4. Embrace signature items

Anna Wintour and her shift dresses, Emmanuelle Alt and her blazers and skinny jeans, Diane von Furstenberg and her wrap dresses—style icons become icons because they stick to what works. Once you find the items you love most, the ones that make you feel like your best self, invest in them. It’s perfectly acceptable to have four leather jackets if that’s your signature (they’re all very different, we know). Having a few items you can rely on no matter what the occasion empowers you to express yourself in an authentic way.

5. Find your power colour palette

In the same way that knowing your body type and your signature pieces help establish your sense of style, honing in on your most flattering colours empowers you to craft a wardrobe that works no matter what the occasion. This knowledge can also quell impulse shopping, because, as great as that yellow sweater seemed on the hanger, at home it may not look so fab. All this is not to say you shouldn’t experiment, after all, your next power colour could be waiting for you, but having go-to hues ensures you’ve got a chic back up plan.

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