How well do you know yourself

Really, how well do you know yourself?   Lissa and I have recently enrolled in a program called 360 Reach .  Once we have completed the program it will allow us to use all the surveys, questionnaires and profiling tools they provide so that we can conduct a complete Personal Brand Audit on our clients.

Do you really know yourself?

“Professional success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, you must be keenly aware of external perceptions. Whether you’re searching for a new job, looking to make it to the top of the corporate ladder or just curious about what people think about you, the 360Reach survey is the answer. 360Reach is the first and leading web-based personal brand survey that helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those who know you. Developed by behavioural psychologists and branding experts and used by nearly a million people, 360Reach provides you with a focused portrait of your professional reputation – one that will be invaluable to your job search or ongoing professional development.

Although successful branding is based in what is authentic and genuine about you, your personal brand is actually held in the hearts and minds of those around you.”

How well do you know yourself?

As part of the program Lissa and I have had to participate in the Personal Brand Audit ourselves – in fact many of you reading this blog may have received a survey from us.  The results are completely anonymous (yes, everything you said about us is still a secret!), so the answers are honest which guarantees an accurate result.

I am still going through compiling and analysing my results, but have been quite surprised at what my colleagues, friends and family perceive as my strengths and weaknesses as opposed to what I thought they were.  It is an enlightening journey and one that I would encourage everyone to go on because it aligns your view of yourself and your personal brand with the world’s view.  This gives you an opportunity to tweak areas that need adjustment.

If you are interested in finding out more about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and brand traits please contact us.   This Audit is useful not only in a business/goal setting sense, but it is also a fantastic tool if you are uncertain about the direction of your life and what will make you happy.   We are offering a discount on our Personal Brand Audit for the first 10 clients (you must mention this blog post).