For those of you who do not know me, let me tell you that I am probably the most organised person you will ever come across.  Ok, so I may be bordering on the point of OCD but that’s just how I roll!

My organisation obsession is not limited to work and carries across every aspect of my life.  I love technology and embrace any new invention or App that will make my life easier.  I recently heard of an App called Stylebook and decided to give it a try.

So what is StyleBook I hear you asking?  Well, it is an App that allows you to have a virtual version of your own wardrobe.  You can organise your clothes in your “closet” and create outfits with those items.  If you’re really organised, like me, you can even use a calendar to track when you have worn particular outfits.  Other parts of the App allow you to save information about your clothes such as cost, washing instructions, and even if the piece is clean, dirty, or at the dry cleaners.


Stylebook App


You can also store inspiration photos, add items from retailer’s websites, and use the App to plan your packing for a trip. I haven’t even really discovered all of the features as yet but check out their website so you can get all the details.

I know I take my ‘outfit’ planning to a whole other level but it is so handy to be able to have your wardrobe at your fingertips.  Planning new outfits or just knowing your options makes life so much easier.  How many times have you been invited to an event and you start to think about what you could possibly wear and your mind goes completely blank??  With this App you can quickly check out your ‘inspirations’ or ‘favourite outfits’ or your wardrobe contents and instantly see what you have available.


Stylebook App


The first step in using the App is to take pictures of your clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. What I like about this process is that the App automatically removes the background if the clothes are a solid colour and have been placed against a contrasting background.  Taking the photos can be quite time consuming but what I find a lot easier is just finding a picture online from the retailer you purchased the item from and using that instead.


Stylebook App


Once the items are in your “closet” things get really fun. Bored? Make an outfit. It’s as addictive as Instagram or Pinterest.  I have spent hours and hours creating some great new looks.

Another thing I really like about the App is it takes some of the work out of trying to find a new way to wear an item. Instead of having to try everything on just go into your online closet to see how things go together.

Please have a look at the App and feel free to share some of your creations with us!


**Disclaimer: yes all of the photos shown are clothes from my wardrobe ** 🙂