With a holiday to Bali only days away I am facing the dreaded fear of getting out of my winter woolies and revealing skin that hasn’t been seen in quite a while. As I sit and contemplate whether to pack the one piece or the bikini, and if I can fit in a spray tan before we leave (essential), I thought I would cover some swimwear basics with you.

Although Lissa and I are very big on dressing to flatter your body shape, when it comes to swimwear we don’t believe that body shape is as important as how you feel when you are wearing your bikini or one piece. So this is one of those times when the rule book is thrown out the window and no matter what shape or size you are as long as you feel confident and beautiful – that’s all that matters.

Good Posture

bad posture

Bad posture is just like the camera: it adds 10 pounds. Hold your head high with your shoulders back, and you’ll look taller and leaner, plus your chest will look perkier.

Fake Tan is Your Friend    The benfefits of fake tan

I am one of the few people who actually leave for a holiday brown and come home white! I don’t sunbake but I always get a spray tan before I go because it makes me feel healthier and more relaxed. Of course there is the added benefit of hiding blemishes, dimples and instantly making my legs look thinner, which makes it that much easier to step out for the first time in my bathers!

Camouflage with Colour

Colour Block for flattering Swimwear

Use color to put the attention where YOU want it. Dark and muted colors recede, while bolder, brighter colors jump out at you. Also, try color-blocking, which is flattering on absolutely everyone. Of course if in doubt a basic black bikini or one piece is the equivalent to your little black dress.

Patterns & Prints

  Tigerlily swimsuit2.jgp

**This Tigerlily swimsuit is one of the pieces I am taking to Bali with me!

It’s true, the bigger the print, the bigger you look! This counts for bathing suits as well, so if you’re going to go for a print, choose a small pattern. Of course if you are a little top or bottom heavy a well placed print can help even things up.

Embellishments & Cut Outs

cutout swimsuit

If you want to draw the eye to a certain area (ie. Decollatage or Bottom), putting something like a bow, ruffle or knot will do the trick. Cutouts are another great way to create unexpected visual interest and the effects are similar to color-blocking, but sexier because you’re using your own skin to guide the eye instead of two different fabrics or prints.


oneshoulder swimsuit.jupg

One-shoulder swimsuits are particularly good for moving the eye up toward your face. Halter-style necklines are always flattering, because they balance you by showing off your shoulders, chest and back. ?They also lift your bust – flattering both large and small chests.

A strapless top is fantastic if you love your shoulders and want to make them a feature.

Strapless one piece swimsuit

Bikini or One Piece?

Once upon a time anyone over 40 would not be seen in a bikini but I don’t think this matters any more. It’s not really about what you wear, but more about how you wear it – some people simply look better with the lines broken up in a bikini rather than covering up in a solid one piece. It is completely up to you.

So I have made my tanning appointment, definitely need to get a pedicure before I slip my feet into sandals, and I have packed both a one piece and a bikini – because I am going to wait and see how I feel when I get to the resort!