5 tips for getting a successful 2016

So, February is nearly at an end and how are your “New Years Resolutions” tracking so far?  Hmm… just as I thought (no judgment!), – they have all been put aside as the reality of life consumes all our time and energy.    I was recently reading an article on the Loving Earth blog that inspired me a little and thought I would share their top 5 tips to kick start your 2016:

5 tips to improve 2016

Slow down
Take some time to look at what you really want to see happen in the year ahead because it will help you stop the overwhelm of excitement that can come with the prospect of a clean slate.

Ask why
We all would love to travel more, make better food choices and maybe call our mums’ more, but the biggest question to ask is why you want these things. What is it that having them will make you feel or allow you to do? It helps when you get a little off track to really be settled in why you want what you want to re-inspire you to keep going.

It’s easy to get carried away and reinvent your whole self but the most impact you’ll have on making lasting change is if you pick only a handful of things to focus on. Be gentle with yourself if you don’t hit the ground running, and remember that there is a whole year ahead; not every new habit or transformation has to happen immediately!

Make space
The biggest cause for letting our goals wander is that we haven’t maybe considered how much room we need to make for them. We are all doing more now than ever and adding ‘training for a marathon’ or ‘make every meal from scratch’ takes some preparation! What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

Have a plan
Having big, hairy dreams to take on and have come true is one of the sweetest things. To stop your dream staying a dream though, you have to have a plan and you have to take action every day. Whether it is one small step or a large leap, getting into the habit of doing something on a daily basis that gets you closer to your goal is what will make it become a reality.

If all else fails, pick one word and focus on a new area every quarter. It helps navigate your choices throughout the year and keeps you accountable to living congruently. Whether that be ‘Activity’ and your area is health, or ‘Nourish’ and your area is personal wellbeing, knowing where your energy is going will allow your intentions to flourish and help this year be your year.

Finally remember that any goal or resolution you make cannot be reached unless you break it down and plan your journey to success.   I will be doing a blog post on SMART goals – to help with goal setting but remember to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely – this will  definitely help you get achieve your “big, hairy dreams”.


5 tips for improving 2016


Inspired by Loving Earth.